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Within the framework of the New Economic Policy "Nurly zhol - Path to the Future" starts project to build a railway section on the Almaty-1 - Shu second track with its electrification.

The ceremony of the start of construction of the second track was attended by First Deputy Minister for Investment and Development of the RK Zhenis Kasymbek, President of JSC "NC" KTZ "Askar Mamin, the mayor of Zhambyl region Karim Kokrekbaev.

According to the existing line length of 306 kilometers of train traffic is becoming more intense. With the commissioning of the second track will be able to increase the capacity of the site more than three times - from 25 million tons to 80 million tons, and the time sequence of freight trains - cut in half. The project will built more than 110 kilometers of main track, engineering structures constructed - 92 units, including 22 - railway bridge, 2 - overpass.

In recent years, the line Astana - Almaty were carried out considerable work on the modernization of the permanent way. It is possible to increase the speed of passenger trains and reduce journey time high-speed train "Tulpar".

During the construction of the line will be created more than 1,500 jobs. Implementation of this project will greatly enhance the transit potential of the economy.

Press-office of JSC "NC" KTZ "

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